Big Belly Status
>The radius of the wifi circles is the number of users currently active.
> Citibike outer ring is the station capacity and the inner ring is available bikes.
> BigBelly status is in three stages, at right.




Wifi Users Online

Citibikes available

311 calls

Water Street

> Water Street is alive.

People generate data in ever-increasing volumes as they work, live, and play in urban areas. Bringing this data together can reveal patterns that are meaningful, useful, and even beautiful.

Using some of the most revealing data sources and open source tools, we show the heartbeat of one of the most vibrant areas in New York City, with a platform to make the pulse of Water Street come alive.

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Richard Dunks // Graduate Student, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress // Richard has over 6 years experience working as an analyst and data scientist in the public sector and is part of the inaugural class of urban data scientists to graduate from the new NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress

Jeff Ferzoco // Designer, linepointpath, llc // Jeff has been creating information design and mapping for more than a decade in magazines, urban planning and technology.